How to Play Piggy Riches by NetEnt

How to Play Piggy Riches by NetEnt

How to Play Piggy Riches Slot by NetEnt

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How to Play Piggy Riches by NetEnt

Have a big win

How to Play Piggy Riches by NetEnt

Have a big win

How to Play Piggy Riches by NetEnt

Have a big win

How to Play Piggy Riches by NetEnt

Have a big win

How to Play Piggy Riches by NetEnt

Have a big win

How to Play Piggy Riches by NetEnt

Have a big win

Playing Piggy Riches by NetEnt is easy and enjoyable, and this guide will help you get started on your path to wealth alongside those high-class pigs. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to play:

Access the Game Page

How to Play Piggy Riches by NetEnt

Starting your adventure in the world of Piggy Riches is as simple as clicking the «Play» button, conveniently positioned in the game’s header. When you visit the online casino or gaming platform hosting Piggy Riches, the game’s page will usually display enticing visuals and essential information about the game.

   To proceed, locate the prominent «Play» button within the game’s dedicated section or game lobby. This button is typically situated near the game’s title or image. Clicking it is your gateway to the opulent universe of Piggy Riches.

   After clicking «Play,» you’ll be transported directly to the game page, where the reels, symbols, and opportunities await. It’s on this page that you can further explore the game’s features, adjust your bet settings, and initiate your pursuit of riches with the elegant pigs.

   Keep in mind that you may need to be logged into your casino account, or the platform might prompt you to log in or create an account if you haven’t already done so. Additionally, ensure that you have sufficient funds in your account to play Piggy Riches for real money if you wish to do so.

   Whether you’re a newcomer or a seasoned player, clicking «Play» will whisk you away to a world of wealth and sophistication, guided by the enchanting pigs who are ready to share their opulence with you. Are you ready to embark on this exciting adventure in Piggy Riches? Click «Play» and prepare to spin your way to prosperity!

Explore the Game Rules and Paytable

How to Play Piggy Riches slot

   To gain a thorough understanding of the game’s mechanics, symbol values, and the potential winning lines in Piggy Riches, it’s essential to access the game’s rules and paytable. This valuable information can greatly enhance your gaming experience and boost your chances of success.

   You can easily access this wealth of knowledge by clicking on the information icon, typically represented by the letter «i.» Look for this icon both on the left and right sides of the game reels. It is often cleverly designed as a stack of money or a banknote with associated numbers, which serves as a visual indicator of potential wins.

   When you hover your cursor over these «i» icons, they come to life, revealing a treasure trove of data about the game. This includes detailed explanations of the game rules, symbol values, and the configuration of winning lines. Understanding the rules is fundamental to playing Piggy Riches with confidence, as it clarifies how various game features work and what you can expect during your gameplay.

   The paytable section unveils the specific values attributed to each symbol within the game. It shows the payouts for landing a combination of identical symbols on an active payline, emphasizing which symbols are more lucrative. With this knowledge, you can strategize your gameplay, identifying which symbols to watch for in pursuit of significant wins.

   Furthermore, Piggy Riches often uses visual aids to help you understand winning lines. These are visible when you hover over the icons and can provide a clear overview of the patterns that will lead to payouts. Examining these guides can assist you in recognizing winning combinations more easily as you spin the reels.

   In essence, exploring the game rules and paytable is akin to reading a map before embarking on a journey—it equips you with the knowledge needed to navigate Piggy Riches effectively, setting you on a path towards the riches these elegant pigs have to offer. So, don’t hesitate to click the «i» icon and unlock the secrets of this opulent slot game before you start your gaming adventure!

Adjust Your Bet

How to Play Piggy Riches slot machine

   The ability to tailor your bet to your preferences is a crucial aspect of playing Piggy Riches, giving you the flexibility to manage your wagers effectively. To control your bet for the upcoming spins, familiarize yourself with the «Level» and «COIN VALUE» sections, both of which offer easy-to-use adjustments. These adjustments allow you to fine-tune your wager to match your desired playing style and budget.

  •  «Level»: This section represents the number of coins you wish to bet per line. It’s essentially a bet level that dictates how many coins you’re willing to apply to each active payline. To adjust the «Level,» you’ll find two green buttons labeled «left» and «right.» By clicking these buttons, you can decrease or increase the bet level as you see fit. A higher bet level can lead to more substantial winnings if your spins result in winning combinations. To maximize this setting, you can click on the «MAX BET» button, which automatically sets the «Level» to its highest value.
  • «COIN VALUE»: This section enables you to determine the coin denomination for your bets. It essentially defines the monetary value of each coin you’re using. Similar to the «Level» section, it features two green buttons, «left» and «right.» These buttons allow you to adjust the coin value by decreasing or increasing it according to your preferences. A higher coin value corresponds to a larger bet per spin, potentially leading to more significant wins. 

   The cumulative effect of your «Level» and «COIN VALUE» selections will be displayed in the «BET» field, indicating your total bet amount for the upcoming spins. This total reflects the combined value of coins wagered across all active paylines. Observing this value ensures that you stay within your intended budget and play responsibly.

   Simultaneously, your available funds, the amount of coins you have left for betting, can be viewed in the «Coins» field. By keeping an eye on this figure, you’ll have a clear picture of your bankroll’s status, allowing you to manage your gameplay and make informed decisions about your wagers.

   As you navigate Piggy Riches, remember that adjusting your bet is a pivotal element of strategic play. Whether you opt for a conservative approach with smaller bets or aim for bigger winnings with higher stakes, these settings empower you to customize your gaming experience in line with your goals. So, explore the «Level» and «COIN VALUE» areas, and ensure your bets align with your desired gameplay strategy before you embark on your journey to piggy riches!

Start Spinning

How to Play Piggy Riches slot machine by NetEnt

Once you’ve adjusted your bet and are ready to dive into the world of Piggy Riches, it’s time to set the reels in motion and seek your fortune. To initiate a spin, you can easily accomplish this by clicking on the large green circular arrow button. This button serves as the main spin trigger. With a simple click, the game’s reels will start spinning, bringing you one step closer to potential riches. As the reels turn, keep a close eye on the symbols aligning on the paylines, as they hold the key to your winning combinations.

If you prefer a more relaxed approach or want to enjoy automated spins without manually clicking the spin button for each round, Piggy Riches offers an Auto Play feature to make your gameplay experience even more convenient. To access the Auto Play feature, click on the «AUTO PLAY» button, located on the game interface.

Upon clicking the «AUTO PLAY» button, a dedicated window will appear, allowing you to customize your auto-play settings. In this window, you can specify the number of consecutive spins you’d like to automate. Additionally, you may find other parameters to tailor your auto-play experience to your preferences. These parameters include options such as setting a loss limit or a win limit.

Once you’ve selected your preferred settings, the Auto Play feature will take over and automatically initiate the specified number of spins for you. This feature is especially useful for those who want to sit back and watch the game unfold without manually interacting with each spin. It offers a convenient and time-saving way to enjoy Piggy Riches while still having the chance to claim your riches.

Remember to use the Auto Play feature responsibly and monitor your progress, even when using automated spins. This feature adds a layer of convenience to your gameplay, but it’s essential to stay engaged and maintain control over your gaming session. Whether you choose to spin manually or use Auto Play, the potential for piggy riches awaits you in every round, adding excitement and anticipation to each spin.

Special Symbols

Play Piggy Riches slot

Piggy Riches introduces two exceptional symbols that play a crucial role in shaping your gameplay experience:

  • Wild Symbol: The Wild Symbol is depicted as a sophisticated gentleman pig, exuding opulence with his golden cane and a bundle of cash in hand. This suave pig is a valuable symbol in the game as it can substitute for all other symbols except the Scatters. When the Wild contributes to a winning combination, your winnings receive a generous boost. Specifically, the presence of a Wild in a winning combination triples your total winnings, enhancing the allure of this symbol.
  • Scatter Symbol: The Scatter Symbol in Piggy Riches takes the form of a lady pig holding a beautifully wrapped gift, adding an element of charm to the game’s theme. While Scatter wins are exciting in their own right, as they provide payouts based on a multiplier of the total bet, the Scatter Symbol’s primary function is to trigger the Free Spins feature.
Play Piggy Riches slot Machine

   To access the Free Spins Bonus feature, you’ll need to land 3 or more Scatter symbols anywhere across the reels during the base game. Once triggered, this feature offers an opportunity to amass considerable riches during your free spins rounds. Notably, the number of free spins available is extensive, with the potential to secure up to 28 free spins. To make this feature even more lucrative, a win multiplier of up to 6x can enhance your winnings during the free spins.

Play Piggy Riches

   What’s particularly exciting about Piggy Riches is that the riches don’t stop there. Within the Free Spins feature, if you happen to find additional Scatter symbols during your free spins, they grant you extra free spins. This means your chances of accumulating more wealth during the bonus rounds remain high, making Piggy Riches a game of ample opportunities and riches at every turn.

Play Piggy Riches by NetEnt

Now that you know how to play Piggy Riches, it’s time to join the glamorous pigs in their quest for wealth and luxurious living. Click «Play» and spin your way to opulence in this entertaining NetEnt slot game.

How to Play Piggy Riches Slot Machine by NetEnt FAQ

How do I access the game page for Piggy Riches by NetEnt?

How to Play Piggy Riches by NetEnt

To access the game page for Piggy Riches, simply click the 'Play' button conveniently located in the game's header. This will take you directly to the game page.

How can I explore the game rules, symbol values, and winning lines in Piggy Riches?

How to Play Piggy Riches by NetEnt

You can delve into the game's rules, symbol values, and winning lines by clicking on the information icon, represented by the letter 'i.' Look for this icon on both the left and right sides of the game reels, often designed as stacks of money with associated numbers.

How can I adjust my bet in Piggy Riches?

How to Play Piggy Riches by NetEnt

To customize your bet for the upcoming spins, you can make adjustments using the 'Level' and 'COIN VALUE' sections. Each section has two green buttons labeled 'left' and 'right' for decreasing or increasing values. The 'MAX BET' button sets the 'Level' to its maximum value. The total bet amount is displayed in the 'BET' field, and your available funds are visible in the 'Coins' field.

How do I start spinning the reels in Piggy Riches?

How to Play Piggy Riches by NetEnt

To initiate a spin of the reels, click on the large green circular arrow button. This simple action sets the game's reels in motion, bringing you closer to your potential riches.

Is there an option for automated spins in Piggy Riches, and how can I use it?

How to Play Piggy Riches by NetEnt

Yes, Piggy Riches offers an Auto Play feature for automated spins. To use it, click on the 'AUTO PLAY' button, which opens a window where you can specify the number of spins and other parameters. The auto-play feature will handle the rest based on your preferences.

What are the special symbols in Piggy Riches, and what do they do?

How to Play Piggy Riches by NetEnt

Piggy Riches features two special symbols: the 'Wild Symbol' and the 'Scatter Symbol.' The Wild Symbol is represented by a sophisticated gentleman pig and triples your winnings when part of a winning combination. The Scatter Symbol looks like a lady pig holding a gift, and it triggers free spins when you land 3 or more of them. You can earn up to 28 free spins with a maximum 6x multiplier during free spins, and finding Scatters during free spins rewards you with extra free spins.